Admission rules for foreign citizens

Training of foreigners and persons without citizenship is accomplished in accordance with the law of Ukraine «About the legal status of foreigners and persons without citizenship» (with changes), by the Ordinances of the President of Ukraine from 25.03.94 №112 «About measures concerning the development of the economic cooperation of regions of Ukraine with adjacent frontier areas of Byelorussia and Russian Federation» and from 03.06.94 №271 «About Measures concerning the development of the economic cooperation of the regions of Ukraine with adjacent areas of Republic Byelorussia and administrative territorial units of Republic Moldova», by Ordinances of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 26.02.93 №136 «About the study of foreign citizens in Ukraine» (with changes) and from 05.08.98 №1238 «About the assertion of the Provision about the admittance of foreigners and persons without citizenship to study in higher educational establishments». Foreigners who get state grants in accordance with the international treaties, general national programs, other international obligations of Ukraine are admitted to study on the basis of the appointment cards from the Ministry of Education and Science within the limits of national order.
Ukrainians from broad who received appointment cards for higher education from Ukrainian national cultural societies, while admitted to higher educational establishments of Ukraine on the following directions «pedagogical education», «arts», «humanities», «journalism and information», «socio-political sciences» have the same rights on education, as the citizens of Ukraine, including admission on the state order. They take part in the admission competition on the same basis as citizens of Ukraine.
On admittance to other training direction (specialty) foreign Ukrainians who received the appointment cards for study from the Ukrainian national and cultural societies, have the same rights to education, as citizens of Ukraine if they were participants of the international Olympic Games on general educational subjects, admission test of which is defined by a higher educational institution as profiled for the admission to the chosen by a graduate training direction (specialty).
Foreigners who received complete secondary education in foreign schools with Ukrainian language studies and foreign Ukrainians are admitted to higher educational establishments of Ukraine on the basis of their preliminary examinations provided by the admission rules of UEPA and within the limits of the set quotas and recommendations of national cultural societies and diplomatic organizations in Ukraine and abroad.
Registration of the documents of foreigners who came to study in the UEPA is carried out by the Center of Foreign Students’ Training till 15th of November of the current academic year.
Foreign citizens file such documents:
- form of the set sample;
- national passport and its copy;
- document on education and notarized Ukrainian translation of the document on education with the list of subjects and grades certified in the consular department of Ukrainian Embassy abroad or in the Ministry of Education of the country where studies took place. While admittance to studies on educational professional programs of specialist or master, people who file document on acquired abroad educational qualification level have to pass through the notification procedure of the document on the acquired educational qualification level which is held by the Ministry of Education and Science in the designated order. Notification of these documents is carried out during the first academic year;
- certificate about graduation from the preparation faculty in Ukraine except CIS countries;
- certificate about absence of HIV, if other is not provided by the international treaties of Ukraine;
- medical certificate about the state of health, certified by the heath protection body from the country where the foreigner came from and given not later than 2 months before coming to Ukraine or the certificate about the state of health given in Ukraine if foreigner has studied in Ukraine and have not gone abroad before the admission to the Academy;
- insurance policy with special medial aid (except foreigners who came from countries which set with Ukraine treaties about free special medical aid);
- notarized copy of birth certificate;
- 6 photos 6×4 сm;
- return ticket with open date.
When a foreign student enters UEPA he is given a contract signed both by the student and Center of Foreign Citizens’ Training and approved by the Rector of the Academy. Documents are given to the admissions committee of UEPA which makes the final decision about the possibility of admission of a foreign citizen to UEPA. Student is enrolled to the Academy on the basis of the signed contract by the order of the Rector having paid for 1 or 2 semesters of training.