Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy is a modern specialized educational and research centre licensed and accredited by the National  Ministry of Education and Science. The academy is commonly known outside the country, holding membership in the International Organization of Engineering Pedagogics (IGIP).


The  Academy`s history  began in 1958, and since it has provided invariably high standards of training professionals who are qualified as engineers and teachers on the basis of engineering knowledge as well as profound psychological and educational studies . It enables the Academy`s graduates to carry out essential social, professional, industrial and technological activities so that they can ensure quality instructing in the field of professional training. They can work in the capacity of teachers, methodologists, industrial training supervisors in professional vocational institutions such as vocational schools, colleges, secondary technical colleges, lyceums and comprehensive schools. They can also be employed as highly skilled engineers at industrial enterprises.

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Over 5 thousand students are currently doing degrees at the Academy which comprises 4 faculties. The Academy`s departments provide training for students who major in Humanities, Fundamental, General Engineering and Specialist subjects.

Furthermore, the Academy carries out continuous multilevel teaching. Highly qualified Professors, Associate Professors and Lecturers instruct would-be professionals at qualification levels of Junior Bachelor, Bachelor and Master. 

 Both full-time and part-time students can major and minor in Humanities, Fundamental, General Engineering and Specialist subjects. They can also acquire a trade.

Doctoral and Post Doctoral programs are done successfully by the Academy`s staff, too.

Research students` clubs and amateur dramatics work here, which enables young people to indulge in their hobby activities and take up new ones, sports being an integral part of students` life.

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Students who come from all over Ukraine, as well as international students live in 3 dormitories.

 Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy makes a contribution into developing research schools in the fields of Educational Studies and Engineering Psychology. There are 3 specialized research councils where one can present their PhD theses.

Moreover, there is a training center to instruct oversees engineering educators, Research and Methodological Center of Engineering Pedagogics, a Center for Developing Standards of Higher Engineering Pedagogics and Vocational Education, 6 training, research and production complexes.

The Academy`s library has one of Kharkiv's largest collections of  course books as well as books on science, fiction and non-fiction (over 800 thousand volumes total). There 3 reading-rooms (two of them are located in the students` halls of residence).

Over the years, Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy has trained over 70 thousand professionals who work in Ukraine, CIS countries and abroad. The Academy`s graduates have held top official`s and manager`s positions. Thus, there have been 4 ministers, a vice minister, about 3,000 top managers, senior staff at industrial and research associations, heads of educational institutions and public figures.

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Licensed International Skills Development Centre was founded in 2000. The Center has at its disposal a preparatory department, where foreign citizens are trained for 2 semesters. International students master Ukrainian as well as study Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and other basic subjects.

The Academy stays in partnership relationships with foreign educational institutions which work in the field of training engineering and pedagogical staff. The European Monitoring Committee of the International Engineering Pedagogics Organization (IGIP) has been founded at the academy, so that it can train teachers who meet high European standards. Thus, over 80 scholars from the top class national technical universities have already gained the title of "European Engineering Educator". Since 2017 our academy has been a signatory to the Magna Charta Universitatum.