Determination and development of international relations with higher educational establishments and organizations of foreign countries are one of the priority activities of the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy.
The purpose of the international cooperation is development of long-term university programs of cooperation in the field of a student's exchange, research work, information and technological exchange.
The international activity of the Academy is realized through the increase of authority of the Academy in scientific community of Ukraine and abroad, and also for the purpose of integration of the Academy into world space.
The personnel of the Academy actively works over creation of new ones and support of already adjusted contacts with foreign partners.
The Academy successfully maintains international relations in cooperation on training engineering and pedagogical personnel with higher educational establishments of Chinese National Republic, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Serbian Republic, Bulgaria, Georgia, Belarus Republic, Azerbaijan Republic, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan Republic and others.
Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy actively participates in the international project of the International Society of Engineering Pedagogics (die Internationale Gesellschaft fur Ingenieurpadagogik – IGIP). From 1999 UEPA is its active member.
The Academy has created National Monitoring Committee of Ukraine (NMCU), it works under the aegis of the International Organization of Engineering Pedagogics (IGIP). In September, 2001 in Klagenfurt (Austria) Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy received official documents on UEPA accreditation as educational institution which meets the requirements of training the European teachers of engineering disciplines, and graduates of the Center got diplomas of the European teachers of engineering higher education establishments. Since 2017 our academy has been a signatory to the Magna Charta Universitatum.
Academy also has the Professional development centre for foreigners where students from many countries of the world are trained annually. The structure of the Center includes the preparatory office which carries out preparation of foreign citizens for training in higher educational establishments. In one year of training students, along with Ukrainian or Russian language studies, acquire necessary knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and of other fundamental sciences.
The foreign citizens who have successfully finished preparatory courses, receive the Certificate of the state sample granting the right to further training in higher educational establishments of Ukraine.
For the years of existence of preparatory faculty it had students from Iran, Syria, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Iraq, Tanzania, Vietnam, China, Japan, Belarus and other countries.
Within the signed agreements with foreign educational establishments teachers and the personnel of the Academy go to the countries of partners for participation in the international conferences, seminars; students and graduates of UEPA pass training in foreign higher educational establishments.
Articles of teachers of the Academy are published in foreign scientific editions of Hungary, Norway, China, Japan, the Russian Federation, Bulgaria. Respectively works of specialists from China, Lithuania, Bulgaria, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Austria, Serbia are published in the collection of scientific works of UEPA «Engineering pedagogical education problems».
International relations of UEPA are constantly getting deeper and extend in the directions of cooperation with foreign partners. The Academy uses all possibilities of the international cooperation for development of scientific researches, wide introduction of scientific development and projects, strengthening of educational and methodical base of the Academy.
Such forms of cooperation as students and teachers exchange; participation in the international seminars and conferences for establishment of the international contacts; participation in the new projects providing introduction of new methods of training in higher education establishments of Ukraine – all this will promote entry of the Academy into the world educational space.