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How the distance learning is applied in UEPA?

In Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy technologies of distance learning are applied to support the traditional forms of education: full-time and correspondence. In pure form, separately, distance learning is not practiced yet.

Use of distance learning technologies is realized through two essentially different, but working at the same software product ways:

♦ Electronic educational and methodical complexes.

♦ Remote courses.

Electronic educational and methodical complexes (have ENMK mark in brackets)

Electronic copies of educational and methodical materials are available for the majority of subjects through the site which works also outside of the academy’s network. Only teachers and students of UEPA have access to materials, students get «Login» and «Password» at the beginning of the first course. In case of loss of the password it is necessary to address to the Center of information technologies as guest access allows to see only names of subjects.

Search of methodical materials is conducted in the following sequence: faculty, department, subject name. Within the subject files are accurately and uniformly structured. If you have an electronic complex for your subject, you can use materials along with paper, without coming to the real (not virtual) library.

For electronic educational and methodical complexes there are no marks and consultations of teachers through system of educational management. Materials are available only for downloading and if something is unclear, it is necessary to contact the teacher personally.

Remote courses (have no ENMK mark)

For separate, mostly computer subjects teachers enthusiasts use high-grade distance learning. The program cover moodle which is applied in UEPA allows not only to download electronic textbooks, but also to organize feedback and high-grade educational process with use of network computer technologies. Distance learning work not synchronously: a teacher and a student can work at different time and in different places.

Access to a remote course which is conducted by a certain teacher is given only to students of this teacher. Each teacher using distance learning has gained the peculiarities of its work. As a whole, using the program one can send tasks to the teacher for checking, take a test, ask questions and to receive answers. Marks for each educational element and final marks for a subject are available to students in the form of the summary sheet. A teacher has the possibility to note attendance.

Results of student’s work through the system of educational management supplement or replace usual internal work and are considered while giving intermediate and final marks. Results of questioning show that students approve distance learning therefore expansion of use of these technologies is expected up to complete transfer of separate specialties to distance learning.

What is necessary for students to use remote technologies in UEPA?

♦ It is necessary to be a student of UEPA as materials aren't given for public access.

♦ One should be at least little computer literate: ability to work in the Windows operating system, in any Internet browser and basic knowledge of work with MS Word.

♦ One can receive access to resources of distance learning of UEPA at any place with Internet connection. Constant connection is not required.

Training materials for teachers and students

For teachers on preparation of remote courses

For teachers on carrying out distance learning for students

For students


Questions concerning peculiarities of training with the application of distance technologies can be asked at e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.